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March 10, 2009
Full Show: March 10, 2009

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First, Thank you to Worldfocus for your excellent programming and this opportunity for viewers to respond to it.
A correction and a follow-up to my posting:
It’s worth repeating and defining [correctly spelled this time, with my apologies] Kowtowing [to China], according to Webster’s online: to show obsequious deference [to China]…that’s what I sadly saw in Mr. Schell’s misdirected alarmism. How about a follow-up with someone who might provide a more balanced insight into the benefits of an American stance that engages the Chinese in DEFENSE of the Tibetans cause for self-determination?!(No, I’m not asking for Richard Gere, but at least he’s better informed on the Tibetan plight than tonight’s guest). I believe Tibetans would appreciate that more than hearing from Mr. Schell that it’s not in ‘their best interest’ to fight for their freedom and autonomy. Thank you again.


What is “alarming” is Orville Schell, our own Neville Chamberlain it would seem tonight, cowtowing to China in every comment tonight concerning Tibetans’ right to exist! Ohhh, we would hate to ‘antagonize’ the poor Chinese oppressors as they struggle to commit genicide against the Tibetan culture and people. Orville Schell is willing to sacrifice American standards of human rights and just plain decency in order to give in to Chinese control over issues the US has economically. Truly shameful!
I just wonder what The Asia Society has ceded to the Chinese for its new Center of US-China Relations and whether those relations make for a cosy bedfellow and good lobbying for China.

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