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March 5, 2009
Full Show: March 5, 2009

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Dear World Focus,

Tonight (Thursday, 5 March), Martin Savidge reported an uptick in tensions in the Middle East. Mr. Savidge reported that two militants were killed by an Israeli strike in Gaza, and Israel SAID this was in response to the rocket they fired across the border. He went onto mention that two militants were killed by an earlier Israeli strike yesterday. To his credit, he went onto describe the tractor attack in Jerusalem.

While not wanting to parse every sentence, I think there is an important point missing in the first two pieces: that in both cases the Israeli response came AFTER Palestinian rocket attacks. The media in general, and World Focus in particular, have ignored the fact that rockets and mortars are being launched at Israel virtually every single day, smashing schools and houses, and dramatically disrupting life, while Israelis take shelter after warning sirens. On some days, seven or eight rockets have hit southern Israel. At least 110 have hit Israel since the new “ceasefire”. Why is this not news until Israel responds?

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