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February 10, 2009
Israelis wait as national election remains undecided

Israel is at a turning point after the country went to the polls in national elections on Tuesday.

According to early exit polls, Kadima has a slight lead over Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party and would get to form the next government.

According to these early projections, Kadima would have 30 seats in the new parliament; Likud 28; the ultra-nationalist Israel Beiteinu Party 15 seats, followed by Labor with 13 and the religious Shas party with 10.

Alon Ben-Meir, an expert on Middle East politics at New York University’s School of Global Affairs, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the results of the elections and what they would mean for Israel’s relations with its Arab neighbors and for the Obama administration’s efforts to negotiate a peace deal for the region.

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Boris: Before answering you I went and red your writings, you neither posses the knowledge or the intellect worthy of my response. You are a typical bigot who enjoys the killing of civilians under occupation. You are not different from JGE, M.Levey (Doron) and them all. History fro you ended in 1948, and all the war crimes you have committed after are good and none should talk about them. So 1700, Dunomes are nothing to steal from the natives, and take their farms from them. Stealing a farm from a farmer equal’s to killing him


To David Hoffman:
David, your statement from 02/14/09 is one of the biggest LIE, I’ve read:
“The Islamic countries are not occupying any land or any people. I never heard that a Muslim or an Arab country is engaged in cutting olive trees so settlers from Brooklyn can…”
Since, 7centuri Islam “peacefully” spread from Arabian Peninsula to N. Africa, Middle East, Asia and S. Europe. Arab Muslims still occupy more than dozens countries and millions of people. They did it by cutting heads not trees.
David, have you heard about Armenian Genocide (2 million brutally killed by Muslims)?? Have you heard about Darfur, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Kosovo and more…?
On your today statement: 1.700 dumams is only 1,7sq. km, but Arabs occupy Billions of sq. km.
Boris D.


JGE and Doron: Look what is the only democracy in the Middle East doing to the natives. Some of you still say the Arabs want to throw us into the sea.

By Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondent

Some 1,700 dunams of land in the northern part of Efrat were declared state land last week, paving the way for the West Bank settlement to start the process of seeking government approval to build there.

The Civil Administration issued the declaration after rejecting eight appeals by Palestinians against the move. A ninth appeal was accepted, and the land covered by this appeal was consequently removed from Efrat’s jurisdiction.

However, construction is still a long way off. First, the Civil Administration must formally allocate the land to the Housing Ministry, which, under new rules adopted by Ehud Olmert’s government, cannot be done without approval from both the prime minister and defense minister.

Then the Housing Ministry must give Efrat’s local council a permit to start the usually long planning process, which involves securing permits from various agencies. Only then can the work of building some 2,500 housing units in the Givat Ha’eytam neighborhood begin.

Since the outcome of the elections makes it likely that the next government will lean more to the right than the current one, Efrat plans to wait until the new government takes office before submitting its request.

Efrat, with around 9,000 residents, is the largest settlement in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, and Givat Ha’eytam is the last unbuilt hill of the seven within the town’s jurisdiction. Despite being the hill nearest Jerusalem, Ha’eytam lies outside the planned route of the separation fence, which has yet to be built in this area.

Gush Etzion is one of the settlement blocs that all Israeli governments have said they want to retain under any final-status agreement with the Palestinians.


Boris: I never used that name, but I red the writings of Ms. Walsh and I think that she is very well informed about the Middle East.


To David Hoffman:
I think, you also are using name Susan Walsh!? What is the reason?
To show that there are many smart pro-Palestinian bloggers?
Boris D.


JGE: Once you stop killing Palestinian farmers and you stop bombing farms the globe will see what the Palestinians are capable of doing. You have tried so much to negate their history and their existence for along time. In fact you went as low as stealing their national meal the Falfel and you claimed its yours, in a flagrant violation of their human and cultural rights. So killing their roses does not surprise me at all.


DisHonest (DH) have a rose.


JGE: I know if the Palestinians will be left alone they will produce wonders, and I know that most of the roses that you are talking about die before they leave to Europe because your “peace loving country” prevents the farms from exporting their produce on time. There are many reports on that. In fact Wolfenson the former head of the World Bank resigned his post as an envoy to the quartet in protest over that. He charged that “Israel is killing the Palestinians infant economy” I wish that you will speak the truth once about your country’s systemic killing of the Palestinians on every front. Keep you shameless spins of protecting the oldest military occupation on earth. You do not have the courage to admit to human rights violations at all


To DisHonest (DH), have a new Gazan rose, and do not be grumpy.

DH: Poor palestinians theiir DisHonest individual defending them. Hvae you heard the Gazans are exporting thousands of roses through Israel. Instead of “exporting” rockets to Israel.
What a few weeks of Israeli self defens produces, eh?


To DisHonest (DH), have a new Gazan rose, and do not be grumpy.


DH: Poor palestinians theiir DisHonest individual defending them. Hvae you heard the Gazans are exporting thousands of roses through Israel. Instead of “exporting” rockets to Israel.
What a few weeks of Israeli self defens produces, eh?


JGE: So I am dishonest, but defending the Palestinians. And you are honest but killing them. Imagine who will they choose???? Shame has no limitation. A typical colonial perspective, you think you speak on behave of the colonized and you pretend to know what is best for them


DH: Ditto. Poor palestinians. They have a dishonest individual defending them. Poor palestinians.


JGE: The Islamic countries are not occupying any land or any people. I never heard that a Muslim or an Arab country is engaged in cutting olive trees so settlers from Brooklyn can build houses, or can have segregated roads at the expense of the natives.


JGE: As always you are a shameless blogger who masters demagogy and has no interests in the truth. You hardly read and interested in spins. Typical of your brand of international violators, baby killers, tree cutters, home demolishers, economy stranglers, water and land thieves and colonizers


DH: Ditto.


JGE: very simple, when you explain the killing of Rabin by a religious Jew who said “God told me to kill Rabin” and when you explain Baruch Goldstein’s massacring of Muslim in the tomb of the Patriarchs, and when you explain Ami Poper killing of eight Palestinian workers in Tel Aviv in 1991, after he asked them to line against the wall and massacred them in cold blood and when you explain why Shamir and Begin bombed the Camp David Hotel and killed 67 international civil servants, and when you explain Sharon’s killing of 55 Palestinians in Qubia and Shamir’s and Begin massacring 256 Palestinian civilians in Dire Yassin
Notice also before the American invasion of Iraq, we never heard of suicide bombings in that country and before Baruch Goldstein’s massacre in Hebron, we never heard of suicide bombing in Israel/Palestine


DH this Al-Jazeera report:
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35 Shiite Visitors Killed by Iraq Woman Bomber
13/02/2009 07:54:25 PM GMT Comments (4) Add a comment Print E-mail to friend

A woman suicide bomber killed 35 Shiite visitors, mostly women, as she blew herself up in a crowd south of the Iraqi capital on Friday, security officials said.
The interior ministry said another 55 people were wounded in the attack in Iskandiriyah, south of Baghdad, as visitors flocked to the holy city of Karbala for a major religious ceremony marking 40 days after the Ashura anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (pbuh).
Captain Mohammed al-Awadi of the police force in Babil province, of which Hilla is the capital, said the bomber had hidden her explosives under an abaya, the traditional head-to-toe black garment.
She blew herself up among a crowd of women and children just after midday (0900 GMT).
Millions of Shiites are travelling to Karbala to mark the “Arbaeen.
Friday’s attack came the day after eight visitors were killed and more than 50 wounded in a bomb attack near Karbala’s revered Imam Hussein shrine.
Last February, a suicide bomber in Iskandariyah killed 43 Shiite
visitors and wounded more than 60.
Meanwhile, Karbala Governor Akeel al-Khazali told a news conference on Friday that five million pilgrims have already arrived in the city for Arbaeen, including 110,000 from abroad.


DH explain this side of Islam:
BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber hiding explosives under her garments killed 35 Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad on Friday, who were walking in an annual procession to the holy city of Karbala that has often been targeted by extremists. Many of the dead were women and children.


JGE: You are a shameless and a brain washed blogger. You have very little knowledge of world politics and you Xenophobic human being


Alon Ben-Meir blames Israel for everything. You shoul read his recent papers to see his views. He forgets or ignores the lack of organization and leadership of the Palestinians. How the Palestinians have been used by their Arab and Muslim brothers as pawns of misery, exploitation, fanaticism and terrorism.
He goes to the old song and dance, the Jimmy Carter failed song and dance, Israel makes the concessions, the Arabs have no responsibilities and accountabilities, and the problem will be solved. Nonsense.


Israel may [forever] be the [centuries old]
Terrestrial Question/Symbol requiring a Celestial Answer.

If not, to what current [literal and midrashic] applicable meaning(s) then: [has/have] the Eternal Torah…to ongoing affairs?

What [also] was written
in the Septuagint about:


“Today, if [we] will hear his voice”
–Psalm 95: 8 (LXX)

“Today”…[for many on Earth] is [also] a Terrestrial Question/Symbol [i.e. Voice] inherent in a Humanity which is [often] seeking some kind of Celestial Answer.

The King mentioned [in the quotes] below
also faced a grave threat:
[Any (among many) may decide (upon reading what is written below) whom they wish to “hear”]

“And Hezekiah took the books from the hand of the messengers, and read them: and he went up to the house of the Lord” –IV KIngs 19:14 (LXX)

“And Hezekiah prayed before the Lord” –2 Kings 19: 15 (KJV)


Israel may [forever] be the [centuries old]
Terrestrial Question/Symbol requiring a Celestial Answer.


Dear World Focus,
Tonight, Tue Feb. 10, Martin Savidge interviewed Alon Ben-Meir of NYU on the outcome of the Israeli elections. Mr. Meir asserted that US pressure on Israel will be need to advance the “peace process”. He did not suggest any pressure on the Arab world or the Palestinians.

It doesn’t really matter if Israel’s PM is Livni or Netanyahu or Barak – or even Lieberman. They cannot bring peace – because the Palestinians are not prepared to make any compromises for peace. Golda Meir’s old dictum that there will be peace only when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel remains true.

Suppose Livni were to offer (as Barak did at Camp David) a handover of the West Bank. The “moderate” PA would pocket the concession, while refusing to budge on the spurious “right of return”. It would then declare the process a failure, and demand new negotiations that start from the previous Israeli concessions! This is what the Palestinians have consistently done.

Pressure on Israel is not going to bring peace. Rather it will encourage Arabs who see this as a sign that the US is preparing to sell out Israel, and as a sign of Israeli weakness.

Peace will only come when the Arab world changes its attitude, and genuinely accepts Israel as a permanent entity. It has to give up the idea of using the “peace process” for the step by step dismantling of Israel. The Palestinians have to move away from demanding that descendants of Arab refugees be resettled in pre-1967 Israel. (The US, EU, Israel, recommend resettlement in the West Bank). This demand denies the rights of the millions of Israelis whose parents were Jewish refugees from Arab lands. It is especially cynical as Arab initiated wars led to BOTH refugee issues.

Fianlly, there is the issue of Israeli “hardliners”. There is a totally different threshold for an Israeli to be a hardliner versus a Palestinian. Abbas is called moderate: yet he demands that the West Bank be made Judenrein, and that descendants of Arab refugees be resettled in pre-1967 Israel. Abbas
has not shifted an inch from Arafat’s platform on refugees, Jerusalem or borders; yet every statement he makes is treated as coming from someone with a halo. He has personally profited greatly from aid money, continues to fund the Al Aqsa Brigades, and has cracked down on all his opponents – yet is painted as a devoted democrat. His own past involvement in terror attacks, and his Holocaust denying book don’t attract a smidgeon of distaste. The PA media are often as virulent as Hamas TV in incitement, and all the PA
schools educate for endless war until Israel is dismantled.

Compare that to “hardline” Netanyahu or “center-right” Livni. Netanyahu made major concessions in the Wye agreement process. He has emphasized building up the Palestinian economy, and by no means ruled out a Palestinian state on the West Bank. He has repeatedly compromised when it has shown the smallest sign of it actually yielding results. Then there is “extremist” Avigdor Lieberman, but “moderate” elements in Hamas.

The media, expect Israelis to absorb endless amounts of clear Arab invective without ever reacting. You talk of radicalized Arabs, but never think what 60
years of Arab attacks have done to Israelis. You expect Israelis to laugh off statement from Israeli Arab MKs and the Palestinian Authority and Egypt and Jordan of Israel’s illegitimacy, and to ignore all the antisemitism, and not to take seriously constant threats.

Israel is subjected to a massive double standard.


This message relates to my previous message which [possibly] would/could be [also] considered more [futuristically] feasible…

If one Prime Minister was a Woman and the other Prime Minister a Man.*

[Not (in essence) to be considered as Queen and King but as Two Necessary Parts to One Whole.]

{* I derive this [Yin/Yang] Principle from the Chinese Book of Changes: 2nd and 1st Hexagrams [respectively…though these 2 Hexagrams can be applied best in the original order].
These 2 principles [evenso] involve themselves throughout the remainder of that book in various ways…as can be seen [particularly] in the
Commentary of the Third Century A.D.
Chinese Commentator Wang Bi whose interpretations to various texts are appended to that work.}

An even more refined approach would/could include
an Androgynous Aspect to the Complete Political System…on many levels.

Any potential political deadlock between Prime Ministers could still be referred [as always] to the Knesset and the People for more comprehensive consideration.


Although this Idea [probably] cannot occur
[at the present time] due to the current structure of the Israeli political system…

…the Idea still presents itself for future

Sharing of equal power between two popular parties [presently, Likud and Kadima] could be [somewhat] unique to this portion of region [bordering the Mediterranean] and would not be [entirely] without precedent in the annals of another area of the World:

I refer to the Ancient Rome
of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his co-emperor Lucius Verus. The History from that period remains [to this day] available to be pondered.

To come with more precision to the present:
2 Prime Ministers [since the current election seems to be close] could [hypothetically] balance each other on a continual basis which could [possibly/potentially] prevent corruption which might have been the primary aim and original hope of Marcus Aurelius in his choice of co-emperor.

Much would [naturally] depend on the persons involved so that there would/could be no usurping of power.
If there was much [or any] animosity between parties this Idea would/could not work but if both parties would/could [continually] meet [diplomatically] with each other [keeping each other fully informed] for the good of the State then there might be possibilities for this kind of union at some time in the future if not more immediately…
depending [again] on the qualifications and [in part] the personalities of the parties involved.

One Prime Minister could be responsible for affairs ongoing in the southern region and the other Prime Minister could work for the maintenance of the northern region.

No division of country would be involved
nor even much change in structure
of political system.

More than one pair of two eyes may be needed [in the future] to resolve issues since no one can be everywhere at once…and computers can only do so much.

And after all…
are not “Two better than one”?*
{See note below for the reasoning.}
A [empirical; perhaps, also: logical] “proof” [of the matter considered above] when judged without prejudicial Emotion and when meditated upon in the clearest possible light of pure enduring Thought and Reason [Logos] directed [like sun rays] into all the “ramifications of beginning potentialities” [“In the beginning…”] which are [yet] hidden in the depths of Human Rationality [as perceived upon the surface of the Earth from the perspective of the Sun…is [potentially] illustrated in the following quote:

“Two are better off than one, in that they have greater benefit from their earnings. For should they fall, one can raise the other, but woe betide him who is alone and falls with no companion to raise him…also, if one attacks, two can stand up to him. A threefold cord is not readily broken!” –Ecclesiastes 4: 9, 10 & 12.

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