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January 15, 2009
Gaza aid compound struck by Israeli fire

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) suspended some of its Gaza operations on Thursday after its compound was struck by Israeli shells. Israel claimed militants were firing from the compound.

After 20 days of war, the death toll has surpassed 1,100 and thousands more have joined the endless lines for food. Relief agencies like UNRWA have struggled to meet the basic needs of those in the region.

A new weapon has also been introduced into the conflict: The smokescreen artillery shell. Some say it contains phosphorus, though the Israeli army denies that claim.

Andrew Whitley, the head of the New York office of the UNRWA office for Palestine refugees, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the current humanitarian situation, the U.N. compound and the use and legality of phosphorus in artillery shells.

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(peace) upon you
well concerning yhe points of egyptien and israeli losses all the figures mentioned here arebased on israei sources which makes it suffer bais.
for ex.the western estimates for israeli air forces not loss than 200 air crafts
eastern one 280 .
respectable military writers like Edgar O’Ballance estimates Egypt losses only 500 tanks
while isreali 1000+.
any way the political objective of the war achived as the results proved to the israelis that their suporioroty is not originated from them .
and tgeir talk about civilization gao between them and the arabs is just nonsesnse & crap
they also learned the price they will pay if they tried to fall around with Egypt ir go beyond their size .
Egypt forced them to negotatitions table acheiving its political objective and both banks of the channel was under the control pf Eegypt WHILE THE THE ISRAELI ARMY WERE stretched thin
from the gap it made with heavy costs at the waest bank of suez channel to golan hights and the egyptoen forces surrounded the israeli forces in the gap with twice the forces of the israeli army which just small pass was linking it to its bases from which logistics the egyptien army if the israelis didnot with draw from the gap was ready to attack it but the negotiations between sadat of Egypt and us secertary of states were fruitful and fullfilled egyptien demands .
any way just to show how the israeli casulties werer high i quote from I.L KENEN chair man of the american israeli public affairs committee saied” if the united states faltered and delayed and if the prople of israeil had not recived the needed equipment in time ,we might have witnesed catastrophe”
president Nixon “during the first 12 days of conflict the united states has authorized shipment to israel of material costing 825 us dollars including shipments cost”
finally for human losts respectable sources like
BBC confirm israel lost about 6000 soliders
and arabs Egypt and Syria about 8000.
not like the israeli myth of the only 2500 they claimec lost in the war.
(PEACE) upon you all


Elki, By waking up, I mean that the world will not allow and justify the killing of the Palestinians as if they were sub-humans. As for the state of Israel, I still firmly believe that they are repeating the same mistakes of Germany. They are killing the Palestinians, the way they were killed by Germans. Back then the West was looking ans standing by, the same is true now


Susan Walsh,

You say, ‘one day the world will wake up and will not allow these kinds of actions anymore, then people like you will be the biggest losers’.

Are you suggesting that the world will allow the anihilation of the Jewish State, thereby repeating what the world did to the Jews, in those good old days?

That is the intention of the Arabs that surround Israel.



There is no such country as Palestine, and people referred to as palestinians, are plain Arabs.

The land was never theirs. Itwas under Jordanian jurisdiction. Jordan let it go after they lost it in 1967.

The Jews did not steal any land.


Boris: you are the biggest liaer i have ever encountered in my life. No you say you are sorry for killing women and children, so whay are you killing them. I am sure that you are in the criminal army of Israel and have killed many Palestinians and have been rewarded for that. Boris: one day the world will wake up and will not allow these kinds of actions anymore, then people like you will be the biggest losers


To Kyle:
Believe me or not (I am sure that you will not) but, I am very, very sorry for civilians in Gaza.
This conflict should be stop!
I am saying to you, Susan=Jack, Joe and others: in my strong opinion (again, I am sure that you’ll disagree): Palestinian people are suffering because of coward, brutal policies of their leaders.
First should go on trail those two thugs one who is hiding in underground bunker and second from Damascus!!
I am asking you again why you don’t listened what Egypt President Mubarak just sad??
Boris D.


Ofcourse they can do whatever they want in their lands, if zionists dont like it then let them go somewhere else, find another country to occupy,
zionists have no right to touch the government at all, talk about thugs murdering 1300 innocents
olmert is the gang leader, a criminal
i assure you he is going to be jailed or killed, so are the “israeli” gang thugs


To Kyle,Susan,Joe: Finally, one of you admitted that Palestinian is free Nation. I agreed too, they are free Nation and have full rights to lunch rockets. Unfortunately, their fee elected Government don’t care what price Palestinian will pay, the most importend thinks is to hit “Zionist entity”.
Boris D.


No i dont wonder because hamas is palestine and they got ellected by palestine so please stop reffering palestine as “hamas”
palestine is a free country and it has the right to import anything it wants as long as they are firing it in their own lands
there is no such thing as israel, the land was stolen by zionist and they call it “israel” but still it belongs to palestinians “its true owners”
dont YOU wonder why zionists have been smuggling illegal weapons and bombs? That they have been using against men, women and children killing more than 1200?


Don’t you wonder why Hamas is able to smuggle into Gaza the more than 5,000 rockets and explosives they have been firing into
Israel during the past three years, instead of smuggling in food and medicines?


Susan: your comments are very effective and true


Boris: who broke the Cease-fire and why on the 22. I am fully aware that Egypt and Syria lost 2000 tanks and Israel lost 800 tanks. Also Egypt and Syria lost 450 airplanes while Israel 100. But you must remember that the US airlifted more than 22, 000 tones of military supply in less than 24 hours and the US asked the Egyptian to stop after they had advanced more than 8 Miles inside the Sinai. You must include the American request to the Egyptians not to advance after the first two days and there when the Israeli sunk on the Egyptians. Sharon would have never been able to do accomplish his military detour, had not been for America led by Kissinger (Jew) asking Egypt that all its demands will be answered and no more fighting was necessary. Had it not been for the US hardware, and diplomatic support, you would have lost most of your territory and power. Remember Egyptian air force General (Sa’ad Al Shazlee) who was capable of striking Tel-Aviv, but was ordered by Sadat not to do so, because the Americans were working on a cease-fire. Sharon abused this understanding and made his move. You must put all the information in perspective and answer and not hide behind few dates. Shazlee was capable of occupying Tel-Aviv had not been for Kissinger. By the way Shazlee left Egypt after the war and he still lives in exile over disagreement with the Egyptian regime. But still, I am fully convinced that your army of cowards has been committing war crimes. It did that in Lebanon, Egypt (when they bombed a school) during the 1973 war, in Gaza now, and when Israel was established in 1948. Killing all these civilians will never go unanswered. Boris instead of defending war crimes, you should be speaking truth to power. That is the only way to strengthen your country. Look at the Republicans in our country, they lost big time, because of the immoralities they have been committing: Abu Ghreeb, Guantanamo, Torture, war in Iraq and many more. You should learn not to defend crimes, you should learn to speak against them


Susan, you just simply misrepresent historical facts and dates of 1973 war.
I am starting from Oct. 14, 1973. In that day Egyptian tanks army engaged with Israeli tanks army in the biggest tanks battle after WWII. Battle was brutal and continuous for 14 hours, both sides suffer heavy casualty but Israeli was able to destroy most of Egyptian tanks and advance to Suez Canal. October 16, Israeli forces cross Suez Canal and move inside Egypt. October 20, H. Kissinger arrived to Moscow. On October 22, first UN Resolution calling for cease fire was accepted but was broken, second was reached on October 24 on same day Syria also accepted cease fire. Please, look on the dates: “cowardly Israeli army sneak on Egypt territory before First resolution”, they have 6 days move close to Cairo.
I am redy to respond on your next accusation.


Boris: Do you when the Israeli army surrounded Cairo? After the UN passed a resolution demanding that the two nations cease fire. Your army= cowards snuck behind the Egyptians and went to claim some victory. So the Egyptian army trusted that you will respect international law, but you did not. The same way in Gaza 8 days a go the UN demanded that Israel stops its aggression against children and women, but the war criminals in Israel kept bombing schools, UN compounds, food supply centers, and Mosques. Since you have very little morality as a country you will declare victory against the defenseless population of GAZA. I am sure many German officers had declared victory over defenseless Jews in Auschwitz. Boris, history repeats itself, and you as a nation have not learned. You have been killing the Palestinians since 1948, hoping they will disappear, THEY WILL NOT. They will come stronger than ever and then you will not find us to protect you anymore. America is sick and tired of your little tricks and your love for Arab and Muslim Blood all the time.


Susan, you became hysterical.
What is big deal 1972 or 1973! The fact is that after Israeli Army surrounded Egyptian army #3 (about 120.000 personal) on Sinai peninsula and Israeli tanks were about 80 ml from Cairo, Soviets start preparing landing Red Army troops to save Arab brothers. Kissinger fly to Moscow were they make agreement.
Yes, Nixon provide airlift to supply Israel with ammunition and weapons; the same Soviets did, they supply not only with weapons but send high level command officers, pilots, anti-aircraft operators and more.
President B.Obama will not change much in US-Israeli relations. He understands more than you in politics and he knows better than you who is friend and who is enemy.


Boris: your knowledge of the region is like your morality: both do not exist. You say that the war between the Arabs and Israel took place in 1972. The war took place in 1973, and had it not been for president Nixon who came to rescue you and your state, Israel would have been finished. The US has been always protecting you, but I hope no more. Killing children is not vey high on our list. You and any terror group are now equal and I hope that many Western lawyers will start hunting your leaders and your brutal and coward army, the way many Fascist were hunted after WWII . I hope president Obama will bring serious change to our country and begin to sanction yours and stop supporting it


Tal: I will change my mined provided you convince me and people around the glob that your mission is just and your killing of innocent is legal. You mention Iraq and the US and the role of Israel. All those who advocated for the war in Iraq in the US are Jews: William Kristol, Thomas Friedman, Judith Miler, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Richard Holbrook, Fox News owned by Jews, and many more. In addition, your prime minster Sharon and defense minister Mofaz kept asking the US to do it. I ask you to do a research on the Israeli statements on the war before it started and see what Israeli leaders were asking us to do. Then you talk about Hamas turning Gaza to hideout for missiles. At least the Palestinians are defending against an illegal occupation, what are you defending against? GENEOCIDE!!!!!! Your grandparents fought against oppression in Ashwaitz and elsewhere, why can not the Palestinians. All nations around the world have the right to resist any occupation. As long as Israel is controlling Palestinian lives, the Palestinians have the right to resist. Now I am not surprised about the actions of your criminal army: people like you are supporting it instead of choosing to speak (truth to power). You are just another coward who likes to see more children and women dead!!!! What a country: you built on the ruins of others and have been killing them since 1948 and have been blaming them for being in you way and have been crying the West that the Arabs want to kill you. All the fire power you have is not enough. Shame on you


Susan, I want to remind you that Israel did attack Syria year ago and destroyed nuclear research facility.
Israel attack Iraq in 1981 and destroy Suddam nuclear reactor.
Sorry,that we are for you such a “coward natioin”.Boris


Susan, you have bad memory as you count Israel started 6 wars with Egypt, Syria & Jordan, with total population about 150 mil against 5 mil in Israel. Arabs have been trained, armed and supported by Soviet Union and inspite of that have suffered total defeat. In those wars Israel fought for United States against Soviet allies in Arab world. After defeat in 1972 Egypt break close relation with Soviet Union, if they won all Arabs oil would be controlled by Soviet Union.
Abut Iraq, it’s a big LIE, Israel always warned US not to attack Iraq.


Susan Walsh you obviously blame the Jews for everything that is wrong and me adding my comment won’t change that, but I will anyway. Bush invaded Iraq after 9/11. What does that have to do with Israel. Iraq is about 170,000 sq miles. The US is about 3,800,000, so based on your theory the US Army is just like the Israeli Army. If Hamas did not Turn Gaza into a battle zone by storing rockets inside peoples houses and locking civilians inside their own house to increase the civilian dead then there would be almost no civilian deaths. If Arafat would have agreed to a state. The Palestinians would have had their own country by now. Hamas does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.


Absolutely correct. And I want to add that Israel does not occupy one inch of the area in conflict. They turned it over in an attempt at peace in the region. How were they repaid? By a constant barrage of rocket attacks. Why were there so few Israeli casualties? Because the Israelis within rocket range have been forced to live in bunkers and shelters. Hamas has basically turned the nieghboring Israeli towns into ghost towns. This was their reward for giving up land for peace. I don’t know where you live, but if you and your family were attacked you would certainly fight back. If Israel attacked Syria or Iran, it would be accused of an unprovoked attack on a country that did not attack it directly.


One can blame Israel all day (as many of you are doing) and totally ignore the fact that Hamas hides behind women and children and continually shoots rockets at Israel from mosques, schools and hospitals in the most populated areas. Hamas obviously does not care about the safety of its own people. If they did, they could simply stop sending rockets to Israel and the war would end.


Boris: The key is to pick on someone your size not kids and women. Your problem is that you will never fight a country that can do you harm. You made us go and finish Iraq for you, you want us to go and finish Syria, and Iran for you. The Israeli army is full of cowards and thugs and war criminals because they took on kids and women. Had they taken on a country their size then its a fair game, but on Gaza a small land with more than 1.5 million people and more than 50% of the population under the age of 12. It is a clear war crime. Boris take on Syria, or Iran then its fair, but to justify a war on defenseless women and children, you are a coward like your criminal army


It makes all anti-Semites sick that Israel has F-16, nukes, missiles, tanks and used them many times to defeat enemy. But, how come Hamas didn’t know that?? Or, their Iranian bosses did not warned them that “coward” Israeli “aggressors” may start using F-16, tanks and even phosphorus!!
Most of you are so well inform and well educated, please, can you tell me how many MIG-29, SU-25, F-14, Mirages, Shahabs and Scads missiles, T-72, has Syria and Iran. But, please, don’t tell me that MIG-29 could not compare with F-16 or Revolutionary Guard does not train well.
Those cowards afraid to attack directly Israel; those cowards sending PLO, Hezbollah, Hams to attack Israel and to keep Israel under constant pressure.
I am sure that Iran and Syria planned and supported escalation of this conflict.
Today Hamas rejected Egypt plan, why those cowards want more civilians to die??
You tell me!!


Marcel, you are an animal, a primate. When you die, like all us animals, you will be no more, just like a squirrel, a dog, a cat, a lab rat, or a bacteria. There are no chosen, saved, blessed or pure primates on this planet. There are just us animals here, some of whom are cultural megalomaniacs. There are no gods on this planet, or gods by association for being a self appointed god’s best friend.

“Jews Only, No Others” Zionism is a functionally identical political stance to “Aryans Only, No Jews” Nazism. “Jews Only” is identical to the undeniably institutionalized Injustice that “Whites Only” was in America and South Africa. All political and social segregation leads to the same disastrous results. The only solution is secular democracy for all, including Israel. And that goes double for those now imprisoned and enslaved in Arabia. There will be no peace until Arabia rids itself of the slave master Family Saud, and becomes a secular democracy. Because there is no other kind. There is no such thing as a Jewish Democracy, or a Christian Democracy or an Islamic Democracy. There is only Secular Democracy, all the others are politically and intellectually infantile theocracy in democratic drag.

The Jews may have committed to never again for themselves. But they should have been smart enough to see that no one is free, until all are free. Certainly the Israelis aren’t free in this situation, they are being shelled too. Because the Jews were horrendously abused by the Nazis they became paranoid. But they were unreflective animals, so they did what all unthinking abused animals do. They became abusers. Abuse begets Abuse, the Abused becomes the Abuser. Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto all over again.

Marcel, you are not a god. You are not a god’s best friend. You are a puny, insignificant, ephemeral animal on a little planet, in a little solar system, in a little galaxy, in a little galactic wall, in a little universe, in a great big, ungraspably, vast multiverse. You are here to learn from All respectfully, to share with All fairly, and to play with All joyfully, just like every other animal. You are not learning, sharing and playing with All. You are nurturing abuse. Abuse begets abuse, and the Palestinians have learned that animal lesson too from the Israelis. They abuse each other now as well. How proud of yourself are you, Marcel, for ignorantly perpetuating the Nazi tradition of abuse across continents and into the 21st century?


[…] WorldFocus, aired on a Washington state PBS station: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) […]


The grave of the secular Jew rests in Gaza where the failed left and their failed agenda brought us the unrestrained rise of Hamastan ,Gaza as well as their limited war of no goals and their failure to defeat Hamas.

RIP dear godless,secular,faithless Jew,your time is over,you have failed again and again.
The Jews who prostitute themselves for the world’s agenda to carve up and dismantle Israel under the delusion of peace with Islam (which is impossible),its time to end your miserable, failed peace for rockets and defeatist ways.

Once again we see the failed left snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in their failure to send a crushing blow to Hamas.
They are quick to voice their weakness and capitulation to the enemies of Israel.
The defeatist parties of Kadima and Labor who have no faith in God quickly succumb to Hamas and outside pressure to end this before there is any real victory.
Hamas remains firm knowing Israel’s godless leaders always bend and retreat ,having no moral compass or foundation they are willing to stand on.
These secular Jew who believe in nothing but their ego’s are so easily seduced and bought off.

Nothing but empty words from these secular Jews who have shown their weakness and capitulation time and again in the face of pressure.
The Gilad Shalit’s and Jonathan Pollard’s suffer at the hands of such worthless leadership who cannot stand for anything but fall for everything.
May this be the end of the faithless Jew who trusts in lies and delusion instead of Hashem.


Marcel: you are not worthey of debate. You are simply a mentaly sick man


Doron: You are asking interesting questions about many issues. But you have one them: doubting everyone’s account in favor of Israel. The question What about the Holocaust Doron? The Jewish narrative has been that more than 6 million Jews have been killed. There are many accounts that doubt that, and there are many other people who were killed in addition to the Jews Catholics, homosexuals, mentally challenged people, disable people and many more. Then you bring Japan and the US. Remember Japan is a state with an Air Force, Tanks, Missiles, and many more weapons. America was an equal force to an equal country. I have a clear disagreement with your lack of honesty and morality. Israel has more than 1700 F-16 and other jet fighters, more than 300 nuclear bombs, more than 6000 tanks, tens of thousands of missiles ( not fire crackers like Kassam), but real missiles with ranges between 1000, 4000 miles and many more. Hamas, has nothing of the above. Thus your analogy of Japan/US Israel/Hamas is an immoral and appalling to me and to any human. Israel has been using all of its fire power against civilians (a clear war crime). I am sure that the coming years will be crucial in international law: many will demand to bring many Israeli cowards and thugs to justice or bring justice to them.


It’s depressing to see Israel stuck on stupid with such humanitarian concerns for the dregs of Palestinian hamas society in Gaza.
Without even an investigation the UN scum Whitley determins that there wer no Hamas terrorists using it as a shiedl to fight Isrsael.
How is it that so many liars and perverets can rise so high in the U.N. ?
How sick you are Israel to think your sending in food and medicine will afford you any kindness or respect from the international community who know only how to sacrifice you to the demon god of Islam.
I know Israel has a difficult road to walk with such blatant hostility and propaganda coming from the Islamofascist front groups like the U.N. and EU but you do not learn from your mistakes.
You are the worst possible negotiators when it comes to trusting Egypt or the internationa commmunity and losing to Hamas with this latest farce ceasefire.
As for the UN.N bozo Ban Ki Moon’s call to Israel for a one sided unilateral halt to this war.
How did you allow Israle to become the brunt of such dubious demands ?
This is the worst time to have corrupt and defeatist losers like Olmert,Livni and Barak at the helm snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
The surrender and appeasment parties of Kadima and Labor follow a tried and failed leftist agenda and once again miss an opportunity to crush Hamas with a fatal blow.
These losers do not even have the vision needed to bring about victory choosing instead to follow their false gods of the no peace Road Map instead.
These worthless politicians do not even have the sense to demand the release of Gilad Shalit who has not been afforded any of the prisoner of war human rights which Israel shows to it’s Palestinian terrorist prisoners.

Israel ,if you spent as much time appeasing your frienda who warn you to soundly defeat Hamas NOW as you do appeasing your enemies ,things would be much better for you.


The UN is responsible for much of the violence in the world – precisely because it is a de facto supporter of terrorism around the world.


Annjell i fully support u
these people support israel just because they are jews or something, not because know what they are doing
the whole world knows how the jews took over the media and are making up bullshit propaganda



Why should Egypt take in Palestinians as refugees? This is the plan all along, for the Palestinians to take refuge in Egypt so that the Israelis can refuse to take the Palestinians back, and claim the Palestinians abandoned the land so now it’s Israel.

Israel knows what it is doing. The Palestinians have never claimed full sovereignty of their lands, and that is one of the reasons Israel bulldozes these homes and take the land little-by-little.

By the way, the U.S. will give $1 billion in loan guarantees to Israel over West Bank Settlements – why don’t you comment on this!!!

Israel wants to replace Thai wokers with Sudanese Refugees – why don’t you comment on this!!!

Dorn, you side with Israel on everything thinking the world at large don’t know what you are doing – there are some of us who know full well what you are doing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of your ambassadors thrown out of other countries.


Tonight, Thursday 15 January, you ran pieces on the visit of UN Secretary General Ban Kyi-Moon, UNWRA’s Andrew Whitely, Israel’s Channel 10, and the Chrisitan Science Monitor’s Ilene Prusher. All pieces pointed fingers at Israel.

Martin Savidge did not challenge UNWRA’s Andrew Whitely when the latter said there could not have been fire from the UN compound at Israelis. How could Mr. Whitely be so certain? UNWRA staff in Gaza are almost entirely Palestinian activists and many are Hamas members. The certainty with which Mr. Whitely answered casts doubt on his honesty. Often in the past, UNWRA has been shown to lie, to shelter terrorists, to distort issues about what is taught in its schools.

As always, we were told about the casualty rate, with the claim that more than 380 (I think) of the 1000 Palestinian casualties are children and teenagers. If true, it is tragic. Any number of child fatalities is tragic. However, we don’t know that the figures mentioned by Hamas sympathizers are any more reliable
than those proffered by Hezbollah in the 2006 war. These figures may be
manipulated for propaganda purposes. Hamas fighters could well be counted as civilians (as was done by Hezbollah), and the child count may be exaggerated.

But more than that, in no other conflict, is there constant mention of the casualty count. Even in the height of the Iraq war, there was not constant mention that (e.g.) “100 000 Iraqis have lost their lives, more than half civilians”. According to some reports, more civilians than that did die in Iraq. Yet it was not a constant refrain.

The same goes for the war in Afghanistan – or fighting in Sri Lanka, or Turkish raids on the Kurds, or Pakistani raids in its “tribal areas”. In World War II with Japan, the number of US casualties was less than 200 000 while
about 2.5 million Japanese lost their lives. Does this casualty count
reflect US culpability? Of course not. Japan started the war, just as Hamas did. They bear ultimate responsibility.

Moreover, Israel has protected its civilians through sirens and bomb shelters. Israel has warned Palestinians by dropping leaflets and sending cellphone messages. In contrast, Hamas has fought from civilian areas, has stored artillery and explosives inside mosques and in schools. It has used human shields. Its leaders sit in bunkers underneath hospitals, while it denies shelter to civilians in its tunnels.

When will World Focus report this? When will it ask why most aid is still coming through Israel, and so little through Egypt? When will it ask why Egypt never allowed temporary refuge in Egypt to residents of southern Gaza?


I made a comment a couple of days ago – “The Spirit of Humanity,” aid boat was traveling to Gaza to bring in doctors, nurses, medical aid.

According to, the boat was turned away while sailing in international waters. The aid workers aboard said, “The Israeli Navy Threatened to Shoot Us if We Didn’t Turn Around and Go Back To Cyprus.”

In December, the Israeli Navy rammed the aid boat Spirit of Dignity, and fired shots at the boat. The boat was heavily damaged and was forced to land in Lebanon.

Now the IDF has, according to an aid worker, put a contract-hit on Italian, Vittorio Arrigoni, under the pretext that he’s working with Hamas.

This reminds me of the U.S. Presidential campaigns – GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.


I should note, filmmaker James Miller was filming about the Israelis bulldozing the Palestinian homes. He (James) have “TV” on his helmet, vest, and waved a white flag, the soldiers still killed him.

Mr. Miller left behind a wife and children.


According to the website, Israel has been using Phosphorus for at least a couple of weeks.

The HBO documentary, which you buy on DVD, “A Death in Gaza,” by filmmaker James Miller, a British filmmaker has on this film mostly children suffering from a gas that caused muscle spasms – Red Cross Personnel, U.N. medical personnel said this was violation of Geneva Convention… In the end, the filmmaker was killed by Israeli soldiers-which is also caught on this film, because he was filming information about the Gaza Strip.

Yes, I believe the Israelis have been poisoning the Palestinians for a while.

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