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November 5, 2008
Middle East awaits fresh faces and ideas from Obama

Among the challenges that newly-elected Barack Obama will face as he assumes the American presidency are continuing struggles in the Middle East.

Ghassan Shabaneh, a professor of Middle East and international studies at┬áMarymount Manhattan College, speaks with Martin Savidge about America’s future with Israel and Iran, the prospect of Middle East peace and Obama’s credentials in the Arab world.


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great comments by a great scholar. Hope president electe Obama brings real change to Middle East by having a new team of good diplomates


great comments by a great scholar. Hope president electe Obama listens to this advise and bring fresh ideas and new faces to the Middle East Diplomacy team


If the name Barack Hussein Obama buys goodwill in the Arab world, simply by virtue of words themselves; then if GW Bush went by “Ghassan Wazeri Busheri” that would have immediately bought Arab goodwill. Right?

So there doesn’t have to be any actual substance to one’s character. One just needs a recognizable name. Unfortunately Barack Hussein Obama is just an empty name, who only has whatever character we collectively project onto it.

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