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October 8, 2008
Torture is rife in Jordanian prisons

Torture is rampant and routine in Jordan’s prisons, according to a 95-page Human Rights Watch report. Beatings with cables and sticks, flogging and hanging by wrists from metal grates were the most common instances cited.

Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch speaks with Martin Savidge about the alleged torture in Jordanian prisons.


A Jordanian police spokesperson refuted the report.

Jordan is a close U.S. ally and a major recipient of U.S. economic aid. Last month the U.S. gave $479.5 million to Jordan, bringing the aid total to $516.1 million so far this year.

The “group121” blog lists cases of alleged extraordinary rendition to Jordan.

Evidence of torture in prisons has appeared in countries across the globe, and women are particularly at risk.

Watch video evidence of abuse in Egyptian prisons here. Egypt is also a prime benefactor of U.S. economic aid.

Over the summer, accusations of torture surfaced in both Russia and Mexico, leading to riots and public outcry. Blogger Robert Amsterdam posts a video of the Russian police injuring inmates at the Yekaterinaburg Prison Camp.

Accusations of torture at U.S. military bases in Afghanistan emerged last month. The lawsuit in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal — in which Iraqi prisoners were stripped naked, beaten and humiliated — is ongoing, with U.S. defense contractors now claiming immunity. The “A Family in Baghdad” blog posts an account of a former Iraqi prisoner.

The “Humanity Against Crimes” blog examines the discussion of torture in the U.S. presidential election and how America’s torture policies are seen abroad.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user SGT Butler under a Creative Commons license.

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Oh my… How sad


Oh my…


There are a lot of good reasons to question the amount of monies given to Countries who hate us. Once again I would first ask that we clean up the mess in our Country first, things like hunger, aids, infant mortality are all in need of attention here first.

Torture is used regularly inside America borders against Americans; the victims are ignored and the criminals are never brought to justice. I was tortured for over three weeks and have just in the last few years been able to talk about it. After contacting law enforcement at both the state and county level the most I ever received was a letter that said, After all this happened 40 years ago and you were in prison to be punished.

Before we fix all the world problems we need to take a longer look in the mirror.


How disingenuous of both the host Martin Savage and Joe stork of Human Rights Watch to not mention the well documented cooperation between the United States of America and Jordan in torture. They must remember the scandal which involved the United States extraditing detainees (which by US law are innocent till proven guilty in a court of law) suspected of criminal acts to Jordanian authorities. The extradited suspects were tortured as the American authorities knew, and Human Rights Watch is now revealing-but has also reported on US/Jordan torture collaborations before.


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